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As a growing local retail and wholesale nursery, our goal is to provide lots and lots of small plants that are inexpensive and easy to transport and to well as a nice selection of large landscape specimens that will make an immediate statement.  For 2019 we have available a selection of our trees from the field grown in RootMaker field bags, and a wide selection of trees grown in our root pruning pots for a strong, ready-to-take-off root system.

Many of our plants are propagated from cuttings, seed, and division right here at Melport Meadows. Other items are brought in as young stock and grown out until ready for their new home in a landscape. We also bring in finished stock to fill in the gaps.

We've added availability pages here on our website, under "Inventory".  At this point, everything that we're growing is listed (this is changing continually so updates happen as we are able to keep up), but everything that is listed is not yet ready to be planted out in a landscape.  Other things come in various sizes.  As time goes on we would like to include sizes, numbers available, and prices...but all of this is more than we can keep up with as a small family nursery.  

Ready for 2019, we have thousands of 1 gallon shrubs priced at $6.97; 2-gallon shrubs priced at $12.97; and 3-gallons at $17.97.  Evergreens and Branded/Patented plants are a few dollars more.  There are also a multitude of larger plants of all types and sizes.  New this year: a large collection of starter Proven Winners Shrubs in quart pots priced at $13.97!

We have seedling trees priced similarly to the shrubs, mid-size trees that won't break the bank, and larger trees in 7 to 25 gallon root pruning pots.  There is an increasing selection of RootMaker(tm) trees from the field awaiting new homes, and some others in plastic that we bring in as needed to round out the selection.  Check out our varieties in the tab under "Inventory".

We also have a huge and growing selection of perennials, including ornamental grasses, daylilies, hosta, and peonies. Quart perennials at $3.97, Half Gallon Perennials at $4.97, and Gallon Perennials and Herbs at $5.97; Gallon Ornamental Grasses, Daylilies, Coral Bells, and Astilbe are $6.97; Proven Winners/patented varieties are more.  Hosta varieties $4.97 to $12.97. Peonies are priced at $12.97.  

We have all types of edibles, from fruit trees to berry plants and bushes, and from grapes to asparagus.


All of this takes time (not to mention a bit of that paper green stuff!) to get new things growing. We're constantly adding new varieties. Let us know if there's something you'd like to see us offer.

Melport Meadows Landscape Nursery: Our Growing Methods

Most of our trees and shrubs are being grown in above-ground root pruning bags. We expect that our growing methods will help to overcome many of the problems associated with growing plants in containers. Sometimes a tree will fail after it seems to be establishing well in the landscape.  This is often due to tangled roots inside of the containers that the tree grew in.  Eventually, the growing roots strangle the tree.  Trees grown with root pruning methods, and from bare root field-grown stock will not do this.

Our larger specimen trees, many of which are available to go to their new homes now, are being grown in the field in in-ground RootMaker(TM) containers. The advantages of the above-ground containers are:

*Plants develop dense, fibrous root systems.

     As roots grow out through the container they are pruned off by air contact, stimulating

        many new feeder roots to develop.

*Roots cannot circle the pot. 

*Better protection from winter cold. 
*Keeps roots cooler in summer heat, 
*Allows air and water to freely pass, helping prevent root rots.

*Plants can thrive, growing to a larger size in a smaller pot.
*Eliminates transplant shock. 

*Allows a recently potted plant to be planted into a landscape without suffering from having its

       roots disturbed before becoming established in the potting medium.

*Plants are poised to grow when planted in the ground, with myriads of actively growing root tips 

       ready to grow out into surrounding soil.

*Most (but not all) of our above-ground fabric pots are biodegradable.

*Plants in biodegradable pots can be planted without removing their containers, simplifying the

      planting process. Additionally, a coiled, potbound mess does not need to be untangled before


Additional benefits of RootMaker(TM) in-ground bags are:

*Root pruning takes place by means of constriction rather than air pruning.

*Trees do not require a tree spade to harvest, and subsequently do not lose up to 90% of their root         system as a result.

*Trees can be dug any time of year that the ground is not frozen, and that the tree is not making 

      a fast flush of new growth.

*Root balls are much lighter and easier to handle than balled-in-burlap.

Environmental Benefits of the biodegradable bags - Root Pouch(TM):
*Pots will break down in landfills.
*Made of 100% recycled materials
*Leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
*Reduces amount of plastic water bottles entering the landfills.
*Does not require one drop of new fossil fuel to create.

Some of our larger trees are planted in root pruning bags that are not degradable.  Those will require the bag to be cut, as when planting balled and burlapped stock.  They still have the self-contained, ready-to-take-off root system as the others.

Melport Meadows Landscaping:

We've been doing landscaping for several years....beginning with community service jobs as Master Gardeners, later progressing to other farms, homes, and businesses in the area. The most well-known work that we've done is the Cashton Village Garden next to the Community Center. Now that so much time is required on the growing end of things, Anna is taking care of most of the landscaping end of things. doing a limited number of landscaping jobs each year. 

In 2016 they branched out into the "re-landscaping" niche....taking a home with overgrown foundation plantings and giving it a modern, easy-care makeover. They'll install curved, mounded beds, a couple of specimen plants and a team of supporting plants, completed with a thick layer of mulch. All of this, including removing the old plantings and a complete clean-up, is wrapped up into one simple price.  

Herbs by Pat:

Pat Griffin began growing herbs to make available here at Melport Meadows in 2016.  She has both culinary and medicinal herbs, and both annual and perennial herbs.  She's also got "Collections In A Pot" - containers with herbs and instructions for use all in a decorative pot that would make a great gift!  Check out her collections - plants for Colds and Flus or for Savory Cooking or for Starting Out With Medicinals.  Pat also offers seminars on how to grow and on how to use these plants, so let us know if you're interested in getting in on a seminar! 

Melport's Display Gardens:

We have several garden areas with plants labelled so you can see what specimens look like as they grow in the landscape.  You are welcome to tour these ... as we have time to work on them, we continue to add gardens to display the varieties we have available.  We're planting up a number of new beds this spring so you can see how the plants will look as they mature.

​Our History:

We started growing plants in Spring of 2014 and then in 2015 began offering those plants for sale here in our retail area at our farm. As we continued to do more and more landscaping jobs, we thought it would be much handier if we could grow the plants we like to use in our landscape projects rather than having to search for them. The opportunity seemed to present itself in early 2014 when Earl, Lisa's father-in-law, expressed a willingness to help her get started. Anna and Gabrielle agreed to take over the landscaping end of things while Lisa and Earl focused on growing. This year, as Earl approaches 99 years of age, more of his support is moral, but we sure are thankful to have him around!  Larry, Lisa's husband, is now also very involved in running the nursery.

You'll find real gardeners here at Melport Meadows!

We'll help you find the solutions that fit your landscaping goals.  

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