Updated 2022 inventory!

Note on inventory lists: we update inventory once per year in mid-winter.  As we get new items through the season or run out of items, we can't keep this list up-to-date!  however, most plants on the list are available and there's lots of info here.....

Melport Meadows Landscape Nursery​

The plants listed are plants that we are growing here at Melport Meadows, but "growing" doesn't necessarily mean that we have those plants at a size that is yet ready for retail sale.  As our plants wake up throughout the springtime, we'll be updating availability. We'd love to be able to include available sizes and pricing, but that's proven to be too impossible since the computer work takes an incredible amount of time, and the sizes are ever changing since plants are living, growing things and never static.  

A general idea of how our plants are priced can be found in 2 places: on the "About Us" page where we talk about types of plants available and their pricing categories, and on our "Current News" page where there are descriptions of fruiting trees and plants with specific prices.  We also have a sampling of tree prices there on a sidebar.  We'll try to make a new page for tree info this spring as things wake up and are set out.