We specialize in designing and installing GARDENS.  Plant layout is our "thing"! 

 We have several options to choose from to get help with your plantings:

Option 1 - We visit your site, and design and                          install your project.

Option 2 - We visit your site, draw up a design,                      and you install your project.

Option 3 - You bring a photo of your area and we

                help you choose plants and offer ideas.

Option 4 - You bring photos and we draw up a 

                complete plan, which you install.

Option 5 - We give you instructions for laying out 

                your own beds and once they're ready

                we bring plants and lay them out for                      you to put in.

We've now partnered with Jordan Glanzer at Tri-State Landworks! 

Retaining Walls  *  Lawns

Drainage Problems  *  Site Prep

General Dirt and Gravel Work

Land Clearing  *  Storm Clean-Up

Driveway & Parking Lot Installs/Grading

Call for a consultation before the planting season starts so you're ready to go in spring.....

the spring rush makes things really busy around here, and scheduling may be delayed.

Melport Meadows Landscape Nursery​

This is our favorite landscaping deal, and our specialty.....

​ Our Re-Landscaping Package

We take a home with overgrown foundation plantings and give it an easy-care makeover.  We'll install curved, mounded beds, add a couple of specimen plants and add a team of supporting plants, completed with a thick layer of mulch.

All of this, including removing the old plantings and a complete clean-up, is wrapped up into the one simple price of $2497!

*Pricing is for foundation plantings in front of an average size home.